Safe sex scenarios

Here are some potential scenarios where you might need to make a decision about safe sex – choose whether you think having sex in each scenario will be a safe outcome, and we’ll tell you if it’s safe or not!

Choose Your Own Adventure

You have a major crush on someone from your school. One day the two of you are working together on an assignment and you have the opportunity to have sex with them. You both really want to, but neither of you have any condoms.

  • UNSAFE SEX – STIs can be transmitted through other penal and vaginal fluids, not just sperm.
  • UNSAFE SEX – STIs can be transmitted orally too!

You and your boyfriend/girlfriend have been going out for about a year and you have been having sex for most of that time. Even though you are on the pill you always use a condom when you have sex. Your boyfriend really wants to have sex without a condom but you don’t want to.

  • UNSAFE SEX – the pill won’t protect either of you from STIs, and you should make decisions about sex based on what you actually want. Read our page on consent to think about this more.
  • SAFE SEX – you should never feel pressured to have sex without a condom, and it’s important to talk about it.
  • SAFE SEX – if you know that your partner and yourself don’t have STIs, it can be safe to have sex without a condom. Just remember that honesty is critical to maintain your safety, and that the pill is not 100 percent effective against pregnancy. It is still safer to have sex with a condom.