Only you can choose what you want and don’t want.

Making choices isn’t always easy. Sometimes we change our minds even at the last minute or when something has already begun.

That’s okay. Thinking about what you are comfortable with in advance can help you make decisions in the moment.

Choices about your relationship should…

  • Be made when you feel ready
  • Be negotiated together – talk about what’s ok and what’s not and get extra help if you need it.
  • Your choices should make you feel ok – safe and comfortable
  • Be renegotiated at any time – it’s ok to change your mind

You have a responsibility to make sure that what you want and your choices don’t make someone else feel:

  • Like they can’t be honest about what they want
  • Bullied or pressured
  • Uncomfortable or embarrassed
  • Used or violated
  • Like they have to prove something to you

When you make a choice think about:

  • Possible consequences of your choice.
  • What good things might happen?
  • What bad things might happen?
  • How do you think you will feel?
  • Is this what you want to do?